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By sonny |

Outdoor entertaining is the eternal part of Australian suburban lifestyle and people have loved it since years. Although Melbourne weather can play a spoilsport sometimes, who doesn’t want to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening in a private front/backyard or terrace? It’s indeed a cool idea!

Terraces are the most loved spaces of households and could be an amazing venue for a number of parties! It’s a great idea to give a unique and wonderful look to your home terrace or front/backyard.

Australian Paving Centre has an extensive variety in all types of paving and landscaping products – meant for every kind of residential and commercial space.

Here are a few great ideas for your terrace or courtyard paving:

  • Complete concrete paving has been a common practice over the years
  • Use natural stone – more specifically, bluestone – to give your space a classy natural feel
  • Make use of bricks to get that rusty look
  • Crazy paving could work wonders here
  • Polished pebble crete pavers are also a good option available these days
  • Using pebbles + crushed rock together gives you a totally different, yet attractive feel
  • You could also use tiles that match the internal colour of your house
  • Mixed paving in different combinations is also another good option for getting an informal feel

So n you have these tips with you, all that is holding you back is your imagination and budget!